Street Rides

I've been riding since 1988.  I've been through two Honda Rebels (250 and 450 - very stable, easy-care bikes) and my last was a 1996 Suzuki Intruder 1400.

Though I am currently bikeless (a pitiful state of affairs, let me assure you), some friends are kind enough to let me borrow their rides now and then. Of all of them (Ninja, VFR, Buehl and Katana) my favorite (sorry, Cameron) is the Honda VFR. Though I've had cruisers all my life, my next will be a used VFR (or maybe a CBR).

Each year, some friends and I usually get together and do the PBTFUS's Ride for Kids.  In Georgia, the route runs from Northpoint mall up to Helen, GA. A great time is had by all (though you'd better get your clutch hand in practice or your forearm/hand WILL be sore from all the stop/start that goes on with the thousands of bikes that do this!)!

Dirt Biking

If you are into dirtbiking, you owe it to yourself to go out to Utah and let Utah Motorcyle Adventures take you on the trip of your life! We went to celebrate our friend Cameron's 30th birthday. Check out their site then schedule your vacation time, book your flight and go! The scenery is unbelievable - and they even posted some of the pictures we took!



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