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May 21, 2008:

Organization of the second annual DragonCon Film Festival Machinima segment is just ramping up. (A recap of the 2007 festival has been posted which includes links to most of the videos screened.) More info as I have it!

July 13, 2007:

Organization of the first annual DragonCon Film Festival Machinima segment (an hour segment of speakers and another hour+ of machinima short videos) is going well. Speakers have been selected and the video submission deadline is this weekend.

This was my contest entry to the Ataris WoW Music Video Contest. It didn't win but I enjoyed the experience and learned more. This was my first video done in Sony Vegas (though I didn't do much more than learn how to do what I used to do in Windows Movie Maker due to time restrictions). This was the shortest project I've run so far (maybe 20-30 hours). New job and planning for DragonCon are keeping me busy still. I hope I can get back to doing some improved work soon.

March 28, 2007:

After a VERY long hiatus, life is settling down and I'm back to work on Machinima videos. I'm also setting up a Machinima panel (an hour segment of speakers and another hour of machinima short videos) at this year's DragonCon Film Festival.

So - another project is up. This was something that didn't take a whole lot of time (maybe 50-60 hours) and I was hoping for a simple fun project to stay in the hobby while life was getting crazy. I shot it early in 2006 but I had to drop the project just 10 hours shy of completion.  I finally got back to finish it over the last week. It's called Revenge is Best Served Dead  and is  posted on YouTube. Once I get it up to my hosting site, I'll also submit it to and .

It's here (if you actually go to see it on YouTube, you can see a full screen version which I recommend):

December 4, 2005:

Got WoW: Time of Our Lives posted on YouTube!  *cheers*

It's here (if you actually go to see it on YouTube, you can see a full screen version which I recommend):

September 2, 2005:

Wow!  Busy months!

The latest business is that I'm currently working the Independent Film Track at DragonCon where I've been allowed to show my first video game-based music video WoW: Time of Our Lives. As I mentioned much farther down, it was shot and directed by my alter-ego (in game persona), Romily, and stars my guildmates (who also happen to be local friends) and a few other nice folks who helped pull a few difficult shots together. It can be downloaded from (though the easiest/non-register site got hit by a spammer so I had to pull it for while - hope to have that mirror back up soon!  e-mail me for a private URL, no-registration required if you'd like to get easier access in the meantime.)

If you really like it, please take a moment to register on and give it a good rating (registration is free).

Meeting all the directors, producers and other panelists is incredibly informative and exciting!! Well, must dash - so many panels I want to attend/work!


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